Welcome to Clinton Critter Care!   We are a privately run animal education and resource group organization in Clinton, Missouri for reptiles, amphibians and fish, and we are “open” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can call on us anytime.  You can see a list of all of the types of critters we accept for rescue on our Rescue Page here but common critters we rescue or help to relocate are pet fish (most who have outgrown their tanks), snakes, bearded dragons, frogs, turtles, tortoises, swifts and other small lizards, and many other reptiles and amphibians.  While we started over 2 years ago as a rescue to help all small animals, we have as of May 1, 2013 transferred to a fish, reptile and amphibian only rescue located in Henry County, MO and serving the surrounding regions as well as all of Missouri.

NEW PHONE NUMBER!  Please call us at our new number for snake removal, rescues and other information:

We are a very small, privately run educational and community resource that is simply a network of foster homes and volunteers as well as very experienced herpetologists. We do not have a facility, nor are we a business of any kind, we are an educational organization that not only is a community resource for re-homing animals which no other organization will take in, but also focuses on the prevention of releasing a non-indigenous species into the ecosystem because of the impact on the animal and the environment via the use of care sheets for various species, a 24 hour pet-care information hotline (NO veterinary issues can be answered, please ask a qualified veterinarian for any and all medical advice!), and by doing educational events at local businesses, churches, and schools . We do not take in or rescue wildlife, zoo animals or exotics, crocodilians, farm animals or large birds. For that reason, we only take appointments for you to see a critter we have for adoption, and we only travel to other places for our educational presentations or events.

We are do not in any way profit from what we do, in fact, we pay for most things out-of-pocket. We are professional, but we are not a business or a pet shop, we do not sell pets or pet supplies. We take in small critters on a very small-scale and re-home them as we can while taking the very best care of them possible via a network of volunteer foster homes.

Please remember we do not have a facility, so you need to schedule an appointment to visit the foster home of the animal or animals you would be interested in seeing if they are for adoption.

Our educational animals listed on our Animal Education program are not available for public viewing unless we come to your home, your school, your group or organization, etc for an educational presentation. Thank you for understanding!

Reptile Care Sheet for Anole Lizards

Reptile Care for Anoles - Pet-Keeping Information Care Sheet

Reptile Care Sheets

About Anoles: Anoles or Anole Lizards as they sometimes called, are small and common lizards that can be found throughout the southeastern United States, the Caribbean, and various other regions of the Western world. A large majority of them sport a green coloration, including the only species native to North America, the aptly named Green anole lizard, although the green anole lizard can change its color based on its mood and surroundings. Anoles are an exorbitantly diverse and plentiful group of Click Here to Read More

Missouri Snake Removal Services - Free in Clinton MO

Missouri Snake Removal Services - Free in Clinton MO

Missouri Snake Removal ServicesMissouri Snake Removal Services from Clinton Critter Care: please pass this information to those who might need it!  The MOST important thing you can remember this summer is that if you see a wild snake in your home, garage or yard, DO NOT TOUCH IT, especially if you cannot positively identify the snake as we have 3 native venomous species in Missouri.  Call us and wait for us to arrive without touching or bothering the snake!

Please call us at Click Here to Read More

New Missouri Reptile Hotline for Clinton Critter Care

New Missouri Reptile Hotline for Clinton Critter CareWe are so thrilled to announce our new phone number for our Missouri Reptile Hotline at Clinton Critter Care. We are a 24 hour snake and reptile hotline and we can offer advice on reptile care, husbandry, feeding, wild snakes, and more.  Just call our new local Missouri Reptile Hotline phone number at:


Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any of the following, and please feel free to pass Click Here to Read More

ADOPTED! Earl the Red Eared Slider Turtle

ADOPTED! Earl the Red Eared Slider TurtleEarl the Red Eared Slider Turtle with his new owner Sara Ellis

Today we have wonderful news at Clinton Critter Care!   All of us have been sick with the flu so there hasn't been many updates lately, but we wanted to share the awesome news that Earl the Red Eared Slider finally went to a GREAT new forever home today with Sara Ellis from Overland Park. That's Earl Click Here to Read More

Donate Amazon Wishlist Items to Rescued Reptiles

Donate Amazon Wishlist Items to Rescued ReptilesDonate Amazon Wishlist now via our Amazon.com Wishlist which includes desperately needed items for the small animals, reptiles and amphibians we rescue and re-home across Missouri

Donate Amazon Wishlist! This Amazon.com wishlist is for Clinton Critter Care's rescued reptiles Click Here to Read More

If you have a small animal or critter that needs a new home or needs rescued, please read our critter rescue page here and fill out and submit the form at the bottom of that page.  We are a small group of volunteers who aim to take in small critters in need of a new home and care for them until we can find them an appropriate and ideal new home with educated new owners.  We do not rescue wildlife, and we do not accept venomous snakes, farm animals, and animals which belong in zoos or nature centers such as monkeys, crocodilians, raccoons, bobcats, cattle, pigs, emus, etc.  We are limited in what we can accept to re-home, and we can not be sure of what type of animals we will have at any given time.  We also run a pet education program with animals which are NOT for adoption, but simply for public education.

Because we are volunteer-run, we welcome donations of aquariums, aquarium supplies, small critter supplies and funds as well as volunteers to foster small critters and for transporting animals or to help with growing our rescue.  If you would like to be a foster or volunteer for Clinton Critter Care, please fill out the form located on this page.

Besides offering small animal rescue and re-homing, we also provide 24 hour Pet Care information and advice via email or phone, toll free at 1-816-659-FANG, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We are a rescue listed on Petfinder! Here is our list of adoptable pets on Petfinder. To learn more about adopting a pet from Clinton Critter Care, please look at our Adoptions page here.

We do not have a physical location as our services are volunteer-run and we keep the “critters” among our volunteer staff with specialties in small critter care, which is why we need the enclosure and care items for the critter you need to find a new home for and will not pay for any animal or animal enclosure or accessories, so we can use those to care for the pet until a new home can be found.  We are a private rescue group, not a pet shop, so please do not offer us animals for sale or ask us to acquire pets which are not listed on our website.  We are not a business, and we have no paid staff nor do we have any employees, just a very small group of animal lovers who are devoted to saving the lives of even the strangest of creatures!

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